Multifaceted Treasure

MultifacetedWonderOne of the great experiences God has granted me over the past 12 or 13 years is an appreciation for the depth and treasures within the many Christian “traditions.” Because many of these teachings or practices gave rise to some new “branch” on the Church tree, I had too long viewed them as reasons to divide; Christ has helped me see they are, rather, things to savor—particularly those which center on Him. With this—Father God’s Multifaceted Treasury—in view, I share with you some words of a dear friend, brother, and fellow-laborer in Christ’s field, included by him amid his expression of thanks for my last post on the body and blood of our Lord (I share it only with his permission). May God grant us all an appreciation for the richness of His Truth as observed throughout His Eternal Family:

“There was a common theme in my journey of appreciating what was then for me the remembrance, and  is now for me the Eucharist. I remember in seminary learning of Transubstantiation and thinking about John 6 in my Greek class contrary to my peers, and I remember braking those ‘crackers’ as an elder and thinking there is something that I am seeing through a glass darkly here…. Maybe that… they were just crackers… as in, He did not say, this is a symbol of my body, take eat…..

“This hunger continues in the Catholic faith where I met Christ in the Mass and now am nourished by the sacrament of the Eucharist. As He says this is my body, this is my blood, I am able to take in and feast as never before. In this sense it is Impossible to forget as it is impossible to forget to eat, to feed, to live and grow, in the life of faith working through love.  When the ‘remembrance’ was a mere symbol to me it was easier to forget, but my spirit was restless and unsettled that there was some greater purpose.”

As He shines through you, I encourage you to be feasting on Him. Always.