Living Truth

Yesterday I read an article about the agony of a couple in England who, for ten months, pursued a painful course of treatment for their five-year old son—believing all the while his condition was terminal. chemo But, . . . the diagnosis was wrong. Their son’s condition is not terminal! So, the treatments have been . . . an unnecessary agony which also delayed appropriate care for the child’s real condition. I think I understand something of their anger over the needless suffering. Yet, . . . their son’s situation parallels that of many Christians. I heard it again on the radio earlier this week—treating outward acts as the sin to be confessed, turned from, and guarded against . . . without ever addressing the real illness—disbelief of God’s words about being His child.

Do you believe what He says about you? Can you affirm His Truth, expressed in the words:

I am a . . . child of The King.

I am not talking theory, I’m talking Truth. Not what some call “positional truth”—something treated as if it were true despite appearances—but, rather, I am talking about something which is actually true. Thus, I bow before our loving Father God, our Papa in Heaven, and ask that as you read today He—by His Spirit—will enable you to receive what He says about you as actually, really, simply, . . . true.

God tells us repeatedly, through several writers of Scripture, that all who believe in Jesus as God’s provision for putting all things right are brought into His eternal family by new birth. Failure to believe we have actually been “born of God” results in our speaking and living as if sinful acts remain “natural” to us, as if we are beggars, as if a mind in the gutter should be expected. But those are lies! We are not “only human.” As those born of God we are to enjoy a life of wholeness, holiness, obedience, and selfless love—for, as His true children, we have become partakers of His divine nature. (II Peter 1:2-4)

You are probably familiar with the words of Jesus to Nicodemus recorded in John 3, that belief in Him results in being born again—being born a second time, born of the Spirit of God. God speaks similar words through Peter and John in their letters as well. Listen to Him:

. . . love one another fervently with a pure heart, having been born again, not of corruptible seed but incorruptible .  . . (I Pet. 1:22, 23)

. . . Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called offspring of God, and such we are . . . (I John 3:1)

. . . Whoever has been born of God does not habitually sin . . . because he has been born of God. (I John 3:9)

It is easy to read these as mere words conveying some lofty ideal. But they are more than words, they reveal God’s Truth about you. As believers in Jesus, you and I have actually been born of God. You and I are each His child—born of His Spirit. And it is that Truth, that reality, that fact, which under-girds His call for our living whole and holy. Did you notice it? Our fervent love is to flow because we have been born from above; we can live free of habitual sin because we have been born of God.

Living whole and holy is enabled by His indwelling Spirit and the reality that you are God’s child. Just as these grape buds—which will mature over time grapebudsinto full-formed fruit of the vine—the Truth of who we already are will become increasingly evident as we mature in Christ. Thus, throughout the writings of the Apostles we are called to live consistent with who we are. What theologians call “sanctification” is not a process of learning to overcome our old nature, but rather the process of growing up as the born-ones of God we already are.

How tragically painful when our spiritual relatives (often with the “help” of well-intentioned “doctors”) treat the symptom as if it were the disease. Yet, if we fail to believe and live the reality of having been born of God, that is exactly what we do—we treat our acts of sin as if they are still natural to us—delaying our growth in wholeness, holiness, obedience, and selfless love.  Dear Ones, may we walk in Truth.

                  I am a dearly beloved, . . . blood bought,
. . . child of The King.

Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.