Express Hope for Sweetness


As some of you know, this evening is the beginning of Rosh Hashanah—the Jewish New Year. One great tradition at this season is to eat of apple and honey and express thoughts of hope for sweetness in the coming year. I have no doubt that if we were in Seattle this weekend we would welcome students into our home (this is the Sunday before the first day of fall classes at SPU) and take turns sharing about some sweetness enjoyed in the past year as well as a hope for sweetness in the year about to begin.

Fortunately for us all, such a celebration is not confined to Judaism nor locale—it is something each of us may engage in wherever we are, indeed it is fully consistent with Paul’s encouragement to followers of Jesus to Rejoice in the Lord always!

Some of you have celebrated with us in this way in the past and, although we aren’t present with you this year we could all celebrate “together” by participating in this activity at least once in the next several days. Whether you have joined with us in such an expression of hope in the past or not, I encourage you to take the time to gather with your family and friends and invite them to share in a hopeful look to the continued goodness of God in the days ahead by speaking of your own hope for sweetness in the days ahead.

Oh praise our God,
And magnify His name.
For He is good,
And worthy of all praise.

I will put my trust in You, Oh Lord,
My Rock and My Deliverer.

Your love is everlasting.

(based on Robin Mark’s “Some Trust in Chariots”)