More Thoughts on Fire

As I was praying about how to share these other thoughts about fire it occurred to me (I won’t say definitively it was the Lord, but I won’t say it wasn’t either) that often what I write is too long. So this one will be fairly short, in the nature of a parable (which has application wherever you are).

The Kingdom of God is like a man wanting to cook five pounds of hamburgers for his friends. He lights a single sheet of newspaper under some briquettes (some old, some new) in his charcoal chimney, and when those coals begin to burn hot, he dumps them on to others in his Weber. When they are all white hot, he adds the grill and cooks the burgers. Then, he welcomes his friends to the table. 

Nobody, wanting to cook five pounds of burgers would separate all the coals, use only one or two briquettes, or not bother first lighting a fire. 

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.